Safety instructions about using the shredder SHR3D IT

A list of warnings that a user must know when using the shredder Shr3d It.

Troubleshooting: preventing air bubbles or holes in filament

In this article you will learn all the possible causes for why there are bubbles in your extruder filament, and how to be able to fix this.

Tips and tricks about using the shredder SHR3D IT

This page describes possible minor problems that may occur with using the SHR3D IT and how to work around them.

Cleaning the shredder SHR3D IT

Cleaning the SHR3D-IT properly will increase the quality of your recycling results. It is important to clean the machine carefully and correctly, so that the shredded material which ends up in the granulate collector only consists of the pure material and no different plastics mixed together.

Troubleshooting: when the shredder SHR3D IT won’t start

This page describes possible solutions that may apply when the SHR3D IT does not start up.