Additives & Composites (Vol. 1)

Additives and composites bring even more diversity on a market already full of polymers. Yet these remain simple concepts accessible to anyone. Read the first part of this really interested topic and see for yourself!

Additives & Composites (Vol. 2)

Additives enhance certain properties of the polymers. Only basic understanding of extrusion is required to process these composite filaments.

Intro – What is Extrusion (Vol.1 Polymers)

In these series of articles we will get the fundamental knowledge about extrusion starting from an introduction to Polymers.

Intro – What is Extrusion (Vol.2 Extrusion)

In the second part of Introduction articles about extrusion, we try to explain with simple words, what exactly is extrusion, what happens to the materials when we extrude them, amd how an extruder machine works!

Technical Datasheet Walkthrough (1/3)

In the series of “Technical Datasheet” articles, we will try to focus on a rather simple but also important topic, that of the technical specifications that comes with any polymer out there.

Technical Datasheet Walkthrough (2/3)

In the second part of the series of the technical datasheet (dts) articles, we will have a better look on the content of a DTS and which part of it is relevant for the extrusion.

Technical Datasheet Walkthrough (3/3)

In the third and the last article of the technical datasheet articles, we will go one step further, explaining and giving specific examples on how to transfer the information you got from your TDS document to your filament maker settings.

Getting started with your Filament Maker

Are you in the mood to extrude ? The following steps will take you through the whole extrusion journey, with crucial tips and warnings, so that you can use your Filament Maker to produce good quality filament of your own materials.

Recycling PEEK: extrusion walkthrough from regrind to filament

Our experiences with the recycling of shredded polyether ether ketone (PEEK). Starting with a batch of PEEK regrind, we adjust the extrusion settings for optimal filament quality.