Activate your Filament Maker

Activating your Filament Maker, using an activation code, will give you access to the whole potential of the machine.

Why activate?

  • This safety step for activating higher temperatures is necessary to minimize the risk of damaging your filament maker.
  • Be sure to understand all the aspects of extruding high-temperature materials.
  • Now you can enjoy personal training from our engineers. Participating in private workshops gives you a head-start in making filament. Get more information here.

Warning – Please, follow all listed procedures.

Step 1: Activate

  • Press ‘Activate’ to enable the full functionality of the machine.
  • After activating your machine, be sure to check out the Tutorials, articles and videos here.
  • It is possible to ‘skip’ this safety step, but the heaters will stay limited to 200°C. Anytime, you can activate your machine in the main menu by pressing the button.

Step 2: Code

  • Enter your unique code in the activation screen. You received your activation code by email. If you have not yet received an activation code, please send an e-mail to and we will send you your activation code as soon as possible.
  • Select the numbers by rotating the menu button.
  • Press the menu button to confirm your number.
  • Select and press ‘Ok’ after you have entered the right code.
  • The full functionality of your machine is now activated!

Step 3: Make filament

  • Make more advanced filament with your fully activated composer or precision filament maker.
  • Enjoy personal training by our desktop extrusion engineers. You will have a head-start in making filament. Get more information here.
  • Get helpful tips & hints on making the best filament with your (activated) machine on the support platform here.