Roadmap to success

Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to make good quality filament.

Polymer blends: mixing different plastics

Making filament by mixing several thermoplastics is possible, but only under specific conditions.

3 keys to successful extrusion

This is a summary of the 3 main factors you should keep in mind when trying to achieve satisfying extrusion results with the Filament Maker.

PCL tips

PolyCapro Lactone (PCL) can be a challenging material to extrude because of its low process temperature (typically around 80°C).

Harmful emissions during polymer extrusion

This article provides information on safety when processing different kinds of polymers on 3devo's filament makers.

How to make a perfect spool of PLA

This article will guide you through all the tips and tricks to perfect your first spool of PLA, in this case the PLA 4043D that was supplied along with your Filament Maker!

TPU tips

TPU comes in different shore hardnesses and is generally difficult to extrude and 3D print.

Mixing additives: practical tips

Making composite filament comes with challenges. Being aware of the risks and having a plan will increase your success chance.

H1 takes more time to heat up

The Filament Maker's H1 is thermally slower than the other heaters. Knowing why is important.

PEEK extrusion warnings and tips

PEEK is not necessarily difficult to extrude, only if you have access to the right equipment and tips.