Filament Maker maintenance: Replacing the puller wheels

After using the puller wheel for a while it is possible that the wheel becomes damaged. This could have an effect on the extrusion results therefore it is time to change the wheel.

Filament Maker maintenance: Cleaning the sensor

After using the filament maker for a while or in a dusty environment it is important to check and clean the sensor.

Screw removal guide

Removing the screw is a last resort operation and is performed at your own risk.

How to increase throughput – Faster production rate

Increasing the extrusion production rate sounds as simple as increasing the screw speed, but understanding the limiting factors and following a step-by-step method is the best way to succeed.

Filament Maker maintenance guide

This article will guide you through all the tips and tricks to perfect your first spool of PLA, in this case the PLA 4043D that was supplied along with your Filament Maker!

Filament Maker Quality Check

Regularly running a Quality Check on your Filament Maker, using 3devo's standard PLA pellets, is excellent practice, to ensure your extruder still performs up to standards.

Safety and user manuals: Filament Maker, Shredder, Dryer, GP20

Please read all safety instructions carefully prior to use. User manuals contain useful information about the main features of the Filament Maker and the Shredder.

Manual for GP20

This is the complete manual describing everything there is to know about the GP20

Inconsistent filament diameter

In this article is described what to do when Devovision presents a inconsistent filament diameter.

Airid Dryer Firmware updates

Here you will find all the firmware updates that we have released for the Filament Maker up to today. Loading the latest version is very important to keep getting good extrusion results.