Articles with with all the information you need to fully exploit your filament extruder!

Filament Maker maintenance: Replacing the puller wheels

After using the puller wheel for a while it is possible that the wheel becomes damaged. This could have an effect on the extrusion results therefore it is time to change the wheel.

Filament Maker maintenance: Cleaning the sensor

After using the filament maker for a while or in a dusty environment it is important to check and clean the sensor.

How to increase throughput – Faster production rate

Increasing the extrusion production rate sounds as simple as increasing the screw speed, but understanding the limiting factors and following a step-by-step method is the best way to succeed.

Inconsistent filament diameter

In this article is described what to do when Devovision presents a inconsistent filament diameter.

Filament Maker maintenance: replacing the nozzle

Changing the nozzle of the machine does not have to be done very often by default. The nozzle should be changed when it is fully of partially clogged, dirty, or when a different size of nozzle is required.

Material selection – Choosing the right polymer

Properties and processability should both be taken into account when selecting your 3d printing material.

Guide: purging your Filament Maker

The purging process-walkthrough for upholding your extruder’s performances.

Recycling PEEK: extrusion walkthrough from regrind to filament

Our experiences with the recycling of shredded polyether ether ketone (PEEK). Starting with a batch of PEEK regrind, we adjust the extrusion settings for optimal filament quality.

Logging data with DevoVision App

DevoVision is a way to display your Filament Maker data directly in a graph in real time, and then save the graphs for future analysis. You're able to customize your own graphs, and that will help you understand extrusion experiments, find better settings, and quality check your spools.