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Output too low or tin

In this article is described what to do when the output of material is too low.

Waving/Curling filament

In this article is described what could cause a polymer to start waving between the nozzle and the IR sensor. This article will also cover the possible solutions.

Polymer degradation

In this article is described what could cause a polymer to degrade while being processed on the Filament Maker.

Abnormal smoke production

In this article is described what could cause abnormal smoke production and how you can solve this issue.

Output is too liquid

In this article is described what could cause the output of material to be too liquid and how to solve this.

Airid Dryer Firmware updates

Here you will find all the firmware updates that we have released for the Filament Maker up to today. Loading the latest version is very important to keep getting good extrusion results.

‘Mixer motor too hot’ error

A complete tutorial on how to solve the "Mixer motor too hot" error.

Extruder Motor or Encoder Error

It might happen that you are facing the following error message on the display of your Filament Maker, along with it shutting off: “Motor or encoder error”. There are multiple possible causes for this, which are described in this article, along with how to act accordingly and hopefully fix the issue. The Motor or Encoder error refers to the extruder screw not being able to rotate anymore.

Filament thickness deviation (inconsistent diameter)

This document teaches about all the possible known causes for filament thickness deviation. Please note that there are so many variables related to this problem, that a 100% fix is of course unrealistic. But by reading this document you will at least learn what these variables are, which is the first step in fixing the issue.