Delivery and sales related questions

After using the puller wheel for a while it is possible that the wheel becomes damaged. This could have an effect on the extrusion results therefore it is time to change the wheel.

Filament Maker maintenance guide

This article will guide you through all the tips and tricks to perfect your first spool of PLA, in this case the PLA 4043D that was supplied along with your Filament Maker!

Filament Maker Quality Check

Regularly running a Quality Check on your Filament Maker, using 3devo's standard PLA pellets, is excellent practice, to ensure your extruder still performs up to standards.

Getting started with your Filament Maker

Are you in the mood to extrude ? The following steps will take you through the whole extrusion journey, with crucial tips and warnings, so that you can use your Filament Maker to produce good quality filament of your own materials.

On-boarding guide

This guide will get you started with your new Filament Maker, and provide you with all the necessary information to get the best experience possible.

Extruder screw is NOT rotating

In this article is described what what could cause the screw not to move and how you can solve this.

Extruder screw is rotating, but NO output

In this article is described what could be the cause that there is no output even though the screw is turning.

Output rate varies

In this article is described what could cause the output to vary and how you can solve it.

Lower output than expected

In this article is described what could cause a low output and how this can be fixed.

Devovision shows wrong values

In this article is described what to do when devovision presents wrong values.