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Airid Hopper turns with the strring rotor

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I have some flakes made out of support structures. The material is Onyx. 

Before I start with the filament extrusion I wanted to dry the flakes. First I had a huge amount of material in the hopper and I thougth the mixer motor hasn´t enough power to stirr the flakes because the whole hopper turns during drying and the cable wraps around the hopper. Then the connection between hopper and dryer cuts off. As I reduced the amount of material, I recognized the same problem. So even the hopper is half full the whole hopper turns sometimes and the cable wraps around the hopper. It doesn´t happen immediately after starting, but it turns after a while. 

The hopper is very tight on the dryer, but the bolted connection loosens after a while too. 

Settings: Temperature 80°C; 10 rpm; 20% fan;


Thanks for the help. 



Topic starter Posted : 26/08/2021 12:27 pm