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100um long carbon fibre - where to buy it from or how to cut to length?


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We are interested in using a carbon fibre material in with a polymer. 3Devo blog mentions using fibres around 100um length, but does not specify the diameter. Any ideas on optimal fibre diameters?

Any ideas where to buy carbon tow cut to 100um length or any suggestions on machines which can chop the fibre to suck lengths?

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Hello KJ3D,
Thank you for participating on the forum. 

During our work with Carbon Fiber we have used carbon fibers with a diameter of 7µm. When choosing the right carbon fiber for you any size around this should work fine. 

We have purchased our carbon fiber from SGL Carbon they offer milled carbon fibers with a particle size of 80µm and 150µm both of these fiber sizes can be used when making your own filament. 

I hope this information will help you further.

Kind regards,