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Filament maker (Precision 350) crashing while scrolling menu


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Hi All, wondering if anyone has had similar issues with their filament maker crashing when scrolling through the settings menu?

While accessing the menu (while idle or during extruding), the system locks up suddenly. There is a single beep and a red light before the system reboots itself. We havent noticed or seen any error messages which point towards what caused this problem.

Our system is updated to the latest firmware (1.3.3). 

Anyone have some advice on how to resolve/avoid this error? 
Finding the optimal process parameters was supposed to be the tricky part!


Dear @grooa ,
Thank you for sharing your issue.
I am sincerely sorry about this inconvenient situation. You are right : optimizing the parameters is the true challenge.

You seem to be facing an exceptional obstacle, for I have never dealt with it.
My immediate recommendation is to update firmware 1.3.3. once more. The situation you describe really sounds like a major firmware glitch. Any issue is normally followed by an error message.

Can you please try updating to 1.3.3 again, experiment a little bit, and let me know how that goes ?
Do you have any questions ?

Best regards

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