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Mixing clean pigment with pla


Hi. Is it possible to just mix clean color pigment with pla pellets instead of masterbatches. If yes is it the same mix ratio. 

Topic starter Posted : 24/09/2020 9:39 am
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Hi @modin,

Yes, this is possible, but it is much more difficult to control than masterbatches.

This is mainly because it can be tricky to feed in the mix. The color pigment might segregate from the PLA pellets, causing the output to be inconsistent, or eventually completely clog the machine. 

To prevent this from happening, it is advised to work with even smaller mixing ratio's (also because the colorant concentration of pigment is of course 100%), and pre-mix the materials together as good as possible. What we always do when working with additives, is pre-mixing the two materials together in a jar and then shaking it thoroughly.

You can find some more info on this topic here:

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Posted : 24/09/2020 11:31 am
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