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Nozzle Slipping & Heater is not working


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I would like to post about 2 complications which I'm looking to fix it myself.

Complication - 1
When we're trying to extrude peek material out of Ø4 mm nozzle diameter, for the first time nozzle was slipped out of the elbow, Then we tried to cleaning the elbow (I would like to know the size of the elbow connector) by heating it but the nozzle is not getting tightened properly. It is slipped again (we cant able to tighten the nut completely). Looking for a solution for this complication. 

Complication - 2
When cleaned the elbow. The heater near to the elbow stopped heating even though the heater is receiving signal from the control board.

Looking forward to try the possible solutions for the complication


Yuvaraj V

Hello @parivarthan,
Thank you for participating on the forum.

I have send an email to your personal email address about how we can solve the issue you are facing.
Please let me know if you have any questions,

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