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I love machine lights, especially when they tell me what's going on at first sight :-)

I am thinking about something like this:

Green -> Everything okay
Blue -> Hopper Sensor is free
Flashing blue -> Hopper has been empty since time X
Blue-yellow Flashing -> machine switches off in 1 min because hopper is empty
Magenta -> screw motor has a big load (before the machine switches off)
Cyan -> no filament thickness measurement

Then I have more suggestions:

-fan speed would be displayed on the Maker's home screen. That way you have all the important parameters at once and can make notes on material research faster :-)
-The menu item Overwrite "current preset" in the Settings menu


That's the kind of stuff I'd really like. What do you think?

Kind regards

Posted : 15/07/2020 9:54 am
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Hello @DerDa ,

Thank you for this detailed opinion.

Actually I like some of those ideas a lot, like the Magenta alarm for example.
As a matter of fact, we have something slightly different in mind : instead of using colors to indicate certain events, we want to make the logging tool smarter.
As discussed on another topic, the tool would enable you to control the device, but also see notifications when the things you describe happen ;) 

I must add that when the light goes red and the 'hopper empty check' is on, you know you have 10min left before the extrusion stops. That more or less corresponds to your blue-yellow flashing, but of course the 1min. The machine also beeps to make sure you can start counting.

Fan speed : this is a good idea indeed. After all, the fan speed is on of the six main parameters (alongside the temperatures and the screw speed).
Overwriting current presets : if not implemented properly, this could be dangerous and could lead to accidental deletings. Especially since the screen is relatively small.
All that being said, we shall keep those ideas in mind for our next improvements/updates.

Thank you again for sharing those thoughts with us. 
Please always feel welcome to give us feedback !

Best regards,

Posted : 20/07/2020 2:53 pm