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Extrusion parameters  


Hey all users,

It will be great to hear your experience with extrusion parameters for different materials.

What parameters are proven to be good for different materials.



Nozzle size:

Fan configuration:

It will be great to make some kind of database, i think that this will help many of new users.

I'm still struggling to get good dimension tolerances with some materials.

Thank you in advance

Posted : 17/06/2020 1:04 pm
Member Admin

Hello @madhead,

Thank you for your message ; this is a great idea, which I encourage a lot.

I you have a specific material in mind, maybe I can also help.

I must say that that each individual grade of plastic must be processed with specific settings. For example, two different types of ABS might not behave exactly the same way in our Filament Maker ; their sets of settings will therefore differ. Luckily, those differences are usually small.


I would also add the diameter tolerance to your list, the most common ranges being +/-50 and +/-100 microns.


Please let me know if I can be of any help.
Thank you again for starting this topic.
Wishing you a nice day

Best regards,

Posted : 18/06/2020 7:55 am
Member Admin

Hello again @madhead (and everybody !),

We recently added all our nice material reports on our Support Platform :

That includes extrusion walkthroughs and complete recycling guides.

We will keep database up to date with our future findings.

If you have any questions about the research methodology or the results, please let me know.

Have a nice day

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Best regards,

Posted : 25/06/2020 4:31 pm