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Рад приветствовать!

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Очень приятно видеть, что есть такие экструдеры!

Хотел бы узнать цену.

А также технические параметры экструзии.

Особенно интересует устройство протяжки нити, 

так как не во всех экструдерах это наблюдается.

Я приобрел один из таких не кондиционных Wellzoom и не могу пользоваться.

опишите пожалуйста механизм протяжки, из чего состоит и как регулирует 

диаметр нити?



Topic starter Posted : 03/09/2020 3:09 pm
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Posted by: @ales

It's great to see that there are such extruders!

I would like to know the price.

As well as technical parameters of extrusion.

Of particular interest is the thread pulling device,

since this is not observed in all extruders.

I have purchased one of these non-conditioned Wellzoom and cannot use it.

Please describe the pulling mechanism, what it consists of and how it regulates

thread diameter?



Hi @ales,

I am replying to your message in English, since I only know three Russian words. Hopefully google translate helped me to understand it correctly.

On this page on our website you will be able to see the prices of the Filament Extruders along with some specifications: https://3devo.com/filament-makers/

The puller mechanism consists of an optical sensor which measures the thickness of the filament continuously. Based on this measurement, the pulling speed is controlled. This puller will then try to keep the thickness as close to the desired thickness - which you can put in the display of the machine. Throughout the extrusion adjustments are continuously made, to make sure the filament thickness stays as much as possible within a certain tolerance (in most cases 50um if the right settings are found).

I hope this is clear, please let me know if you have any other question!


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