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Sabic Cycolac MG94

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It prints nicely! Just for some context, due to lockdown I couldn't get to our ShredIT so I bodged together a couple of drills, a router bit, a blown stepper and made a filament pelletiser. The resulting resin can be seen in the above post, but here's what the machine looks like.

I used the recycled filament to make an adaptor (Thingiverse download) for the drills so that I didn't need to run them on batteries.

I quite like that the result is a drab olive green as it's the ideal colour for printing Yoda and Grogu, and we are being green in recycling our failures. I probably won't try to re-colour it, but use it on items that are going to be painted anyway - and Yoda and Grogu!

I am in the lucky position of having more masterbatch than resin, as I was given 7x20kg bags of different colours. Some are a bit odd, as they came from a company that make irrigation fittings so I have lilac (used for piping for recycled water), brick red, charcoal, mustard, dark green, bright red and gold. The gold looks fantastic in PLA, as the fact that it is clear really offsets the gold, Not so much with ABS though

Topic starter Posted : 12/09/2021 12:05 am
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Hello dear @poida

Thank you so much for those pictures and comments ! Our team is very happy to see that nice recycled Yoda 😉

I see a little bit of stringing, but the printing test can still be considered successful I think. That can be optimizing over time. 

What is your next idea ? Maybe I can help again 😊 


Best regards,

Posted : 14/09/2021 8:57 am
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