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Shredder does not start

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At power up, we do not have the 2 green lights on.

The start button does not launch it.

The shredder is brand new. What is missing ?

Thank you,

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Thank you and sorry for the trouble I did 😪 


Hello Mike, Hello Lucas

Thanks for your help and I’m sorry it took so long to answer you, but I needed to get some free time to read through your tutorial and to make the steps.
After removing the cover I was flashed of the technology you build inside the machine. You should have mad the cover transparent so that every body could see it 🤗
The switch was really turned of, so I first check the blue thing for the configuration and after that switched the fuse and put on the cover again. And it works fine.
the machine is really working well even bigger parts it smashes without any trouble.
Thanks for the Help!!!
Best regards

Hi @svyska,

It is great to hear everything works fine again and I am happy you like it. 

I will let Mike know everything is working properly again. 


If you have any further questions feel free to reach out. 


Kind regard,



Sorry to not have given a feedback earlier.

It was a wire inside the shredder which got lose. The one giving the power to the motor if I remember correctly.



Hello (again again 😉 ) @germainl ,

Thank you very much for keeping us up to date. 

I am glad to see that all is now well. 

Please let us know if you face any other issue



When turning on, we do not have the 2 green lights on.
The home button does not start it.
The shredder is new. Reference SHR3D IT
We have followed the troubleshooting guide from start to finish, including the main interior switch under the hood, which was set correctly and we also tested the fuse, which is fine, but still no luck, the shredder will not turn on.

Dear @geosystem

I see that you are already getting assistance for Mike, our best hardware expert, by email. 

I really hope your Shredder will be up and running in no time, and am very sorry for this difficult situation.

Please feel free to post any other questions on the Forum, and it will be a pleasure to help

Hello, we do experience the same problem now. When i try to start the Shredder with the green button, the red button turns off and nothing happens. We checked all the safety mechanisms but everything is fine. So how can i now repair our machine? It's urgent, as we have a student project running that relies on the machine....


Hello there, same problem here, both lights turn OFF and machine not working altough the fan spins. I've followed several times the Troubleshooting: When the shredder does not start but nothing new happend.

Is it possible to get the manual to check the inductive sensors?

Thank you very much,


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