Error messages

During the extrusion it might be possible an error message appears on the display of the Filament Maker. In this article is explained what could have caused the error messages and how to prevent it from happening.

The external supply voltage is too low or absent

This error occurs when only the USB-cable is connected to the filament maker. To fix this make sure that the power cable is inserted, and the power button (on the back) is switched on.

Reset signal receiver

This message is shown when the Filament maker is connected to the Devovision app on the computer. The connection will trigger a reset that is necessary to update the firmware and result in a connection between the Filament Maker and Devovision.

Extruder motor too hot

This error occurs when the temperature of the extruder reaches too high.

When the screw generates friction for a long time, the temperature of the motor increases. The friction typically occurs when the screw is working hard to push the material through the filament maker and results in the motor running harder to help the screw. You can reduce the friction by increasing the heater temperatures, so the material in the barrel becomes less viscous and easier for the screw to push along.

Extruder motor current limit reached

When the motor current reaches above 9000mA, the Filament makers turn off. There are two reasons why this error happens. A first possibility is an object in the hopper obstructing the screw from rotating.

Another possibility is when the barrel is fully clogged, or the material is not melting correctly. In this case, increase the temperature of the heaters by 20*C, and reduce the screw speed to 2 RPM.  For more information, see the following article.

Positioner end stop hit unexpectedly: Machine Turns off with this message

When touched during extrusion, the positioner can stop unexpectedly. After a reboot, the problem will resolve itself. You can see the placement of the positioner in the figure below.

Hopper is empty for too long

When the hopper sensor does not measure enough material for 10 minutes, it will turn off the filament maker. After the reboot, you can continue the process. Fill the hopper regularly to prevent the filament maker from running when empty, thus preventing the filament maker from turning off.

Extruder motor or encoder error

When the extruder motor or encoder error appears the following article should be followed.