DevoVision and Downloads – Firmware and more

Here you can find anything else related to the 3devo process, not about the machine or material.

Product information and Guides

All information presented required to work with your newly purchased material or item. The page also contains some useful guides on how to use the material.

Firmware updates

Here you will find all the firmware updates that we have released for the Filament Maker up to today. Loading the latest version is very important to keep getting good extrusion results.

Safety and user manuals: Filament Maker, Shredder, Dryer, GP20

Please read all safety instructions carefully prior to use. User manuals contain useful information about the main features of the Filament Maker and the Shredder.

DIY build your own fumehood

Additives enhance certain properties of the polymers. Only basic understanding of extrusion is required to process these composite filaments.

Software license information

This page gathers license information about the various software made available by 3devo B.V. Select your software below.

Logging data with DevoVision App

DevoVision is a way to display your Filament Maker data directly in a graph in real time, and then save the graphs for future analysis. You're able to customize your own graphs, and that will help you understand extrusion experiments, find better settings, and quality check your spools.

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