Devovision Inconsistent filament diameter

During the extrusion devovision might presented values representing a unstable filament

During the extrusion of a polymer Devovision is a good tool to track all parameters of the Filament Maker. This gives you insight of the performance during the extrusion.

1. Inconsistent filament diameter

The Devovision app only displays the measured values of the filament thickness.  Therefore, when the filament diameter is inconsistent in Devosvision it means the produced filament has an inconsistent filament diameter. In this case you should further finetune the extrusion process. During this process, it is helpful to use Devovision as a tool to see the extrusion parameters.

2. Fine-tuning the process

Fine tuning the extrusion process too limit the filament inconsistent filament is an important step. In chapter 6 of the following article is described how this fine-tuning process works.