Machine packaging

Packing the Filament maker – New box

Step 1: Collect the following items:

  • The original 3devo cardboard box set
  • The original 3devo foam bumpers (8x)
  • Packaging Tape
  • A big plastic bag
  • Tighten-able packaging bands
  • Cardboard corners

Step 2: For this package you need two of these cardboard boxes. Fold and tape them together so that you have a cardboard box like the picture below.

Step 3: Place four foam bumpers in the cardboard box bottom tightly in the corners.

Step 4: Slide a plastic bag over the machine. If you want to send also spare parts, you can place them in the spool holder area.

Step 5: Put the machine inside the cardboard box, this is a two person job, one will slowly lower the machine and the other will keep the foam bumpers in place. Make sure the bumpers are still in the same position as before.

Step 6: Take the other cardboard box and place the four foam blocks in there.

Step 7: Now carefully slide the cardboard box over the machine. It is correct that the boxes do not touch together, there are a few centimetres between them.

Step 8: Tape the cardboard outer sleeve and carefully pushed over it.

Step 9: Push it carefully all the way down until it completely falls over the inner boxes.

Step 10: When you are done with step 8, it is time to use packaging bands around the box and put cardboard corners on the box as shown in the pictures.

Step 11: Before you tighten the packaging bands make sure that the cardboard corners are on each corner.

Step 12: When you are done the result looks like the picture below. Your filament maker is now ready for shipment.