Output rate varies

During the extrusion it might be possible that the output rate varies this will cause filament diameter variations. If the output rate varies it could be a result of hardware issues however also the used settings and material have an important role in this effect.

Important note!

Hardware issues can cause output issues; however, before you look into it, it’s wise to make sure the problem is not caused by your selected settings, or the material(s) used.

1. Possible causes of variation in output

The choice of material and the settings used during the process have influence on the stability of the output. In chapter 2,3 and 10 of the following article is described what factors could result in the variation of the output in these chapters possible ways to solve the issue are also presented.

material selection

Another issue that could cause a variable output rate is when different grades of a polymer are used. These different grades could significantly differ in MFI, meaning that one part of the mixture is very fluid while the other part is very viscous. The difference could cause the material to have an unsteady flow causing variations in the output rate. Therefore, it is crucial that when mixing different polymer grades, the MFI does not deviate too much from each other, so a stable flow is guaranteed.

In the following article the material selection is further explained.

3. Hardware issue

A hardware issue could cause a variable output. When the possible fixes explained in the previous chapter do not solve the issue you can send an email to service@3devo.com