APP – Preparing bottles

Before being shredded, the PET bottles must be :

  • cleaned
  • pressed/crushed
  • pre-chopped (especially for big bottles of 1L and more) (this step can be skipped if you can compress the bottles sufficiently)

1. What needs to be removed from the bottles ?

Before shredding the bottles, you must remove :

  • caps and rings : unscrew the caps, carefully cut the ring open with a small pair of cutters
  • labels/stickers : you should be able to manually rip them off
  • glue : using acetone
  • greases, fats, drink residue : using soap and running water
  • dust : soapy water and one final flush of running water

2. What to do next, still before shredding ?

After the cleaning step, the bottles are probably wet.

They must be dried and protected from dust. The best option is to store them overnight in a closed closet, upside down, almost vertically.

Right before being shredded, the bottles must be crushed flat. It is also possible to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air from inside the bottles and therefore flatten them.
If this is not possible, the bottles should be pre-cut to a size small enough that the bits can be fed into the Shr3d It, but this is not the recommended method.