APP – Shredding (PET)

It is vital to properly shred your plastic parts to an appropriate, homogeneous size.

In order to be fed in the Filament Maker, the regrind should be homogeneously smaller than 4mm.

1. What is the desired particle size ?

Regrind particles should be smaller than 4mm, so that they can be smoothly fed into the hopper of the extruder.

The size distribution spread is not extremely important, as long as all particles are smaller than 4mm.

Fortunately, the Shr3d It is equipped with a 4mm filter screen.

2. How to shred bottles ?

This operation is relativley straightforward.

Initially, the bottles do not have a suitable shape to be fed easily in the shredder.

The small bottles (up to 50cL) can be pressed by hand. The bigger ones can either by pressed by hand, in a vice, or cut into smaller pieces, before being fed in the Shr3d It.

3. Trick : Shredding the bottles twice

This step is extremely easy and straightforward since the first regrind flows fast down the hopper of the shredder.

Shredding a batch of material a second time usually only takes
a few minutes.

Re- shredding step can be very beneficial: a more homogeneous and smaller regrind will result in a more stable flow during the extrusion step, and subsequently in a better filament quality.