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Replace the cooling fans of the Filament Maker

This article will provide the necessary information required for replacing the cooling fans of the Filament Maker.

The fans are cooling down the extrusion output. It may happen that one of the fans fails. The faulty fan can be replaced with a new fan. This guide describes step by step how the old fan must be removed from the panel and how the new fan can be installed.

Before you start

Collect the following items:

  • Hex key 2.5 mm for M4 bolts
  • Piece of foam or wood or something similar to bring the machine up to a height
  • Contact service@3devo.com to purchase a new fan

Remove top hood

Step 1: Follow these instructions to remove the top hood first and after finishing continue to step 2.

Raise the machine

Step 2: The machine must be brought up to height to remove the winder cover. Use a piece of foam or a piece of wood or something similar to bring the machine to the right height.

Replace the cooling fans_9    Replace the cooling fans_10

Remove winder plate

Step 3: Remove the winder side plate. First, unscrew the adjusting knob by hand.

Replace the cooling fans_11   Replace the cooling fans_12

Step 4: Now unscrew the 6 bolts with the Allen key. First unscrew 5, shown with the red arrows. Loosen the bolt with the blue arrow indicated last. Beware! The winder plate can now fall off the machine. If the winder plate is loose, carefully place it somewhere where it can not be damaged.

Replace the cooling fans_13   Replace the cooling fans_14

Remove fans

Step 5: Carefully remove the cables of the fans (black and red) from the motherboard, as indicated by the red circle.

Replace the cooling fans_15  Replace the cooling fans_27

Step 6: Remove the two bolts from the top panel which holds the fans and carefully remove them, as indicated by the red circle.

Replace the cooling fans_17  Replace the cooling fans_18

Step 7: Remove the bolts from the fan holder which holds the fans and carefully remove them, as indicated by the red circle, and fix them to the new fans.

Replace the cooling fans_19

Replace the cooling fans_20

Replace the cooling fans_21

To remove the bolt you may need pliers to hold the nut on the other side. Pay attention, the holder should be thight enough to hold it and loose enough not to prevent movement.

Replace the cooling fans_22

Step 8: Guide the cable of the fans back to the motherboard. Now, you can put back the fans in their place. Pay attention, the bolt should be thigh to hold it and enough loose to be able to move it.

Replace the cooling fans_23

Replace the cooling fans_24 Replace the cooling fans_25

Step 9: Check the fans if they can move.

Replace the cooling fans_26

Step 10: Attached the cable back to the motherboard ('Fila Fans')

Replace the cooling fans_27

You can put the panels back. When you finished, warm up the machine and try the new fans.