Hardware Issues

Suspect something is wrong with your machine, or you just need some instructions on how to perform some tasks?

H1 takes more time to heat up

The Filament Maker's H1 is thermally slower than the other heaters. Knowing why is important.

Abnormal smoke production

In this article is described what could cause abnormal smoke production and how you can solve this issue.

Extruder Motor or Encoder Error

It might happen that you are facing the following error message on the display of your Filament Maker, along with it shutting off: “Motor or encoder error”. There are multiple possible causes for this, which are described in this article, along with how to act accordingly and hopefully fix the issue. The Motor or Encoder error refers to the extruder screw not being able to rotate anymore.

Diagnosing faulty heaters on the Filament Maker

If you think your heaters are faulty, our Service team might ask you to perform a heater diagnosis.

Filament Maker maintenance: replacing the nozzle

Changing the nozzle of the machine does not have to be done very often by default. The nozzle should be changed when it is fully of partially clogged, dirty, or when a different size of nozzle is required.

Removing the Top Hood

Quick walkthrough on how to get access to the inside of the Filament Maker.

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