Step 6. The final on-boarding step

Just one more thing…

The journey does not end here. Once you are getting started with your intended projects, you will with no doubt achieve successes, but you might also face some challenges. The Materials Team is here to guide you through the entire process, and answer any question you might have.

Selecting the right material

Once again, the material you are working with is one of the biggest variables in whether your project is successful or not. Find out more about selecting the most suitable material and increase your chance of succes!


To answer your filament making questions, we have built a troubleshooting guide, where you can most likely find all answers to any challenge that might be occurring.

Congratulations, you completed the entire on-boarding! If you have more questions, and you couldn’t find the answer on this support platform or the forum, feel free to reach out to us!

Material processing questions:

Hardware issues:

Thank you for your time!