Step 5. Getting started with PLA

The ideal way to get familiar with the equipment

Before getting started with your own material, we highly recommend to give it a go with PLA first. With your machine you received a bag with PLA 4043D granulate, which is a relatively easy material to process.

Every material requires a certain methodology in order to achieve optimal results. In the video below we explain the entire methodology, which can be applied to any material and in this case PLA.

PLA extrusion guide

You might have noticed that the machine also contains ‘material presets’. You could simply select one of these for PLA, but we highly recommend to find your own settings, because you will have to do this anyways if you are processing a new material.

In the following guide you will find a thorough explanation on how to do this:

Did you get some nice output? Then you are ready to proceed to the last step!