Step 2. Learn the basics

Or even better, as much as possible!

The Filament Maker is not a coffee machine. To be able to get your desired results, it is good to understand the variables and learn as much as you can about the theory behind why it works or not.

We have done our best to condense this information, and make it easily understandable, so that you can be more successful with your project.

Video tutorials

By watching our video tutorials, you will get a better understanding of how to operate the machine, as well as how to work with different material projects.

Selecting the right material

The material you are working with is one of the biggest variables in whether your project is successful or not. Find out more about selecting the most suitable material.

Material processing reports

3devo has tested hundreds of different materials on the Filament Maker. Some of these tests we would like to share with you, so you can get some insight in our process. (note: not all polymers are the same – the settings used in the report might not correspond to yours)

Of course that is not all, much more info can be found on our Forum, FAQ, 3devo Academy and YouTube channel. Or you can get in touch with if you did not find the answer there.

Seen enough? Let’s proceed!