DevoVision system requirements

DevoVision is a light-weight application, that basically runs on any computer purchased after 2014.

DevoVision is a light-weight application that is designed to communicate with the Filament Maker/Extruder. The application runs in the browser of your computer and does not require installation. Therefore, the requirements for running the application are limited.

Operating systems

We heavily recommend to always keep your operating system on the latest and safest version, but also support the older Windows version:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Linux

Recommended hardware

The hardware recommendations are close to non-existent. Any computer purchased after 2014 runs the application, as long as it has USB-A port available.

  • Intel core i3 - 5th generation (2014), or better
  • 64-bit processor (32-bit application optionally available)
  • 2GB ram memory
  • 35MB HDD Storage
  • USB-A port (or dongle)

Recommended browsers

The DevoVision interface is accessed through the web browser. Although the browsers below are recommended, other browsers might run DevoVision fine.

  • Google chrome
  • Microsoft Edge