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Filament Maker Firmware updates

Loading the latest firmware version on your Filament Maker is very important to keep getting good extrusion results. Because the Filament Maker does not update itself automatically, you need to follow this procedure.

Why update my Filament Maker?

Filament Maker updates add a variety of improvements, fixes, features, to increase the quality of your filament.

How do I know my Filament Maker is up to date?

The firmware version currently installed on your Filament Maker can be found in Main menu/[scroll down]/About this machine/Firmware version.

Step 1: Download drivers and update tool

Inside this zipfile, there is a 'README' file explaining the update process. Read this 'README' carefully and follow the steps described in this 'README'. 

Step 2: Download latest firmware: 1.3.6