GP20 Shredder Hybrid parts overview

Get to know every part of the GP20 Shredder Hybrid and what it's used for.

The GP20 Shredder Hybrid consists of two machines with the five major parts displayed below. A detailed description of these parts can be found further down below in this article.

GP20 Shredder Hybrid main parts 

GP20 Shredde Hybrid overview

  1. Hopper
  2. GP20 Shredder
  3. GP20 Granulator
  4. Trolley
  5. Container


The hopper prevents the user from getting in contact with the shredder blades and prevents plastic waste from escaping the machine. The Hopper uses a flat belt drive that helps feeding material to the GP20 Shredder and/or GP20 Granulator

1. Hopper connector
2. Mounting slots
3. Input
4. Thumb screw for changing the feeding aperture
5. Handlebar
6. Adjustable feeding aperture plate
7. Material detection sensor
 8. Belt scraper
 9. Belt cover
10. Conveyor belt
11. Thumb screw for fixing the belt cover
12. Hooks for toggle clamps
13. Safety sensor actuator

Only for GP20 Granulators:
14. Granule guard

GP20 Shredder

1. Control box
2. Shredder blades
3. Hopper detection sensor
4. Scraper comb
5. Positioning pin for hopper
6. Bolts for fixing scraping combs
7. Positioning pin for container
8. Control box connector
 9. Bolts for front cover (for removing/installing shredder blades)
10. Toggle clamps
11. Thumb screw for safety actuator
12. Hooks for toggle clamp of Container or GP20 Granulator
13. Positioning holes for Trolley or GP20 Granulator
14. Motor
15. Bolts for front plate (for removing / installing shredder blades)

Only used for GP20 Hybrids:
17. Safety sensor actuator for GP20 Granulator

GP20 Granulator

 1. Control box
 2. Handlebar
 3. Toggle clamp
 4. Rotary knife
 5. Hopper detection sensor (or GP20 Shredder detection sensor for GP20 Hybrid setup)
 6. Door handle
 7. Rotor
 8. Positioning pins for hopper
 9. Door detection sensor
10. Granulator stationary knife
11. Positioning pins for Container
12. Actuator for door detection sensor
13. Toggle clamps for hopper (or GP20 Shredder for GP20 Hybrid setup)
14. Bolt for removing/installing the Rotor
15. Hook for Container toggle clamps
16. Positioning holes for Trolley
17. Motor
18. Container detection sensor
19. Filter screen

Only for GP20 Hybrid:
20. Positioning pin for GP20 Shredder
21. Actuator for GP20 Shredder detection
22. Thumb screw for GP20 Shredder detection


  1. Positioning pins for GP20 Shredder or GP20 Granulator
  2. 2x Wheel with brakes
  3. 2x Wheel without brakes
  4. Wheel assembly


  1. Positioning slots for GP20 Granulator or GP20 Shredder
  2. Actuator for GP20 Shredder or GP20 Granulator safety sensor
  3. Toggle clamps
  4. Handlebar
  5. Container lid

Control Box

1. Power switch
2. Power inlet
3. USB port
4. Emergency button
5. User Interface
6. Control knob
7. Hopper port
8. Safety circuit port
 9. Motor cable port
10. Mounting holes (only used for GP20 Shredder)
11. Mounting holes (only used for GP20 Granulator)
12. Positing hole for Trolley (or Control box / Granulator in GP20 Hybrid mode)
13. Positioning pin (Only used in GP20 Hybrid mode)
14. Handlebar (Only used for GP20 Shredder or GP20 Granulator)
15. Machine link port (Only used in GP20 Hybrid mode)

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