How to activate the Filament Maker

To activate your machine, you need to create a 3Devo account and follow the onboarding procedure until step 4.

Step 1

The complete onboarding procedure can be found on our support knowledgebase. The onboarding documentation contains useful insights, to ensure you can start the journey with confidence.

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner, click 'sign in'.
  3. In the next screen, ensure to select the 'sign up' tab and create your account.
  4. Note: Ensure to use the email address that is connected to your purchase, you will automatically gain access!

Step 2

When you have successfully logged in with your new account follow the onboarding procedure.

When you reach "Step 4 of the onboarding procedure" you will find "Activate your Filament Maker".

Note: If you cannot see all the onboarding steps, you might not be logged in. If you are logged in and still cannot find the content, please contact support.