How to remove and install the scraper combs of the GP20 Shredder Hybrid

The scraper combs can be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes, with these few easy steps.

warning-iso_V2 Caution

For all adjustments and maintenance activities to the machine, make sure to turn the machine off and remove the power cable.

warning-iso_V2 Warning

 Always wear cut resistant gloves when working around and inside the cutting chamber. 

The scraper combs serve a few important functions during the shredding process;

  • Preventing material from wrapping around the shredder spacers.
  • Preventing the machine from overloading due to material wedging.
  • Self-cleaning the cutting chamber.
  • Preventing material to come back up.

It is advised to remove the Scraper combs prior to cleaning the cutting chamber of the GP20 Shredder.

  • Remove the hopper from the machine.
  • Each scraper comb is fixed in place with two bolts. These bolts can be found on the outside of the machine. Loosen all four bolts (two per scraper comb).
  •  Carefully pull the scraper comb up and lift it out.

For installing the Scraper combs, the same steps can be done in reverse as shown above.

  • Lower the Scraper combs inside of the machine.
  • Tighten the bolts on the side using an 8mm Allen key. This will keep the scraper combs in place.