How to measure the additive size

The easiest and best way to determine the particle size is to check the data sheet of the additive.

Particle size of the additive material is essential in determining the composite’s properties and performance, and it is crucial when the material is not pre compounded. Therefore, Accurate measurement of additive particle size is essential for quality control and optimizing material characteristics.

Favorable results were achieved through the incorporation of additives with a size of 100 micrometers approximately. The dispersion of exceedingly small additives such as carbon nanotubes, as well as elongated fibers, poses substantial challenges. When contemplating the variable of additive size, or deliberately selecting a dimension around 100 micrometers, an elevated probability of successful 
dispersion is anticipated.

Other methods

If the information is not directly available, try performing an optical microscopy analysis, a sieve analysis or by laser diffractions.