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Extrusion reports

This document explains the performed research regarding the Extrusion of different materials using the equipment from 3devo.

Please keep in mind that this report is a point of reference. The data on this report was produced using a specific polymer grade. Depending on environmental factors and different material grades, setting alterations may be needed for similar results.

Recycling PLA 3D printing waste (Natureworks Ingeo™ 4043D)

ABS  (Magnum™ 3513)

PEEK (PrimeTec® 10G)

PETG (Selenis Genius 80M)

Recycling PS (3dprinting spools)

Recycling PET bottles

Recycling PP

Recycling Markforged Onyx™

Recycling PLA+ GlassFiber and CarbonFiber (Natureworks Ingeo™ 4043D)

Recycling SEBS (Evoprene® G972)

PHB (from Sigma-Aldrich)

Lancotek (FS92)

Recycling LLDPE (injection molding waste)

PP copolymerized with PE (from Braskem)