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Onboarding and Activation

Here you can find the first steps to get you started with your new Filament Maker. This includes an Onboarding tutorial and instructions on how to Activate the FM.

Welcome Onboard!

Our 3devo Support and Service Team are here to help get you started! First, we want to say 'Hi'!


The aim of the Onboarding is simply to ensure you start the journey with confidence. It contains all the following information and guides, and can be completed in a single 3 hour session:

  • Learn how to use the Filament Maker features
  • Learn about the basics of extrusion
  • Necessary tools and equipment
  • Video Tutorial to extrude your first spool of PLA
  • Activate your Filament Maker
  • Links to further resources

The link below will take you to our Onboarding landing page, which explains everything in detail. We designed the process with first time Filament Maker users in mind. It has an intuitive flow, contains the essentials, and can easily be revisited, if wanted.

Have fun extruding!