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A simple guide to help unbox your Filament Maker. Following these steps will ensure that you can still use your box and packaging material.


Step 1

Cut the blue bands around the packaging of your Filament Maker. 

unpacking landing page 1

Step 2 - WARNING

Do NOT cut the tape on the top of the box.

unpacking landing page 2


Step 3

Simply lift up the top of the box, as the lower half (and the machine) remain of the floor.

unpacking landing page 3

Step 4

There are 2 half boxes surrounding the Filament Maker. Lift the top part.

unpacking landing page 4


Step 5

Carefully pick up your Filament Maker out of the bottom portion of the box.

unpacking landing page 5

Step 6

Place your Filament Maker on a flat surface.

unpacking landing page 6


Step 7 - Congrats!unpacking landing page 7

If you feel like something is wrong or you have a question regarding your machine, please contact support.