"Can I put this material in the GP20?"

The GP20 Shredder Hybrid is efficient at helping aid any project by recycling waste. The specifics of what, and what CANNOT be put in the machine are detailed below.


Simply put, the GP20 shreds polymers.

However, it's important to know what polymers (and in what state) the GP20 is designed to shred as well as the kind of materials that will slow the Shredder down or potentially damage it. 



The GP20 Shredder is designed to handle a variety of plastics. Simply put they can only be polymers, either thermoplastics or thermosets.


Silicone (with or without additives)

Because of this, any non-plastic materials pose a risk to the functionality and healthy of the machine. As stated in our User Manual (page 3), please make sure the plastic parts do not contain any non-plastic pieces or particles. 


Contamination can come from shredding different types of polymers. This is why we designed the Shredder and Granulator so that the components that collect all particles are easily accessible and removable. This is to help clean out any debris and prevent contamination to your regrinds. 

But contamination can also come from poorly cleaned recycled plastic. It is important that any plastic being fed into the machine is free from dirt, stains, or any non-plastic material. 



The GP20 is also capable of processing polymers of various texture and hardness. For example, rubbers, given that they are not excessively soft. This is why we mostly recommend the use of only highly vulcanized rubbers or ebonite therefore ensuring the blades can make clean cuts.


We're continuously exploring the machine's capabilities; for instance, we've successfully shredded highly durable materials like carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK. It's important to note that shredding is a mechanical process that generates heat. The Granulator unit typically operates at around 60ºC, so it's best to use materials that have a melting point above this temperature.


Another point of note is that the material to be processed must fit well within the shredder chamber so that the cutting blades can easily grab it. The hopper opening is 9x114mm. For larger pieces we recommend them to be cut into triangles or geometries with acute angles. These shapes are easier to be processed whereas excessively curved or round shapes might prove more annoying. 

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