Airid Dryer Firmware updates

Loading the latest firmware version on your Airid Dryer will ensure you keep getting the best drying results. The Airid does not update itself automatically, so please follow these steps.

The following firmware is compatible only for the Dryer models with a serial number starting with ADV2, ADV3, and above. If the serial number of your machine does not start with one of the above (blank), please do not update your machine using the below firmware as this could lead to permanent damage to your Dryer.

If you are not sure whether you can use the firmware below, please contact support.

Step 1: Download drivers and update tool

Inside this zipfile, there is a 'README' file explaining the update process. Read this 'README' carefully and follow the steps described in this 'README'.

Step 2: Download latest firmware: 1.0.3

In this updated firmware version, we have made several significant enhancements including:

  • Improve handling of unknown or unsupported mainboard versions
  • Made several internal improvements for optimal performance

The firmware release notes, can be found here.

Download firmware 1.0.3.


Only for Airid models with a serial number starting with ADV2, ADV3, and above. Please do not interrupt the USB connection between your machine and your laptop while the update process is still running. Wait until it is 100% completed.

Older firmware versions


Below you can find the older firmware versions released for the Airid Dryer previously. Please only fall back on these versions in case of an technical issues and after consulting our service team:

Download version 1.0.2 (Mar 28th, 2022)

Download version 1.0.1 (Jan 28th, 2022)

Step 3:

Closely follow the instructions in the README document inside the "installation tool" download, and continue to install the latest firmware version.