Firmware release notes for the Airid Dryer

This is an overview of all Airid Dryer firmware releases, containing information about each individual update.


The firmware installation guide and download instructions, can be found here.

Version 1.0.3

May 4th, 2023

This is a small update that improves handling certain error conditions, and adds support for newly produced machines. Upgrading to this version is recommended, but not essential.

  • Disallow resetting to factory settings while the machine is running.
  • Distinguish errors due to a non-rotating mixer from other mixer motor faults.
  • Enable software watchdog which can (in some cases) print an error message before the hardware watchdog resets the machine.
  • More reliably stop the machine in case of internal (assertion) errors.
  • Improve handling of unknown or unsupported mainboard versions.
  • Support newer mainboards and interface boards that store more information about the board manufacturing in a newer (v2) board info block. These boards will not work with older firmware versions.
  • Various internal improvements.

Version 1.0.2

March 28th, 2022

This is a small update that helps prevent thermal issues in the motor driver and fixes some unpredictable problems while running. Upgrading is highly recommended for all customers.

  • Make the overcurrent protection for the both the mixer motor and blower motor stricter.
  • Tweaked mixer and blower motor settings to reduce the power used in the switching components. This reduces heat build-up in the components.
  • Fix a race condition in the system timer, that could every now and then confuse the scheduler, causing hopper temperature sensor errors, motor RPM readout errors or software lockups.
  • Log data with carriage return character to make it easier to view files with Windows OS PC's.

Version 1.0.1

January 28th, 2022

This is a small update that adds an important safety check. Upgrading is recommended for all customers.

  • Additional protection against overheating. When the airflow is obstructed somehow, heat would not reach the hopper and could overheat the heating element. The firmware now detects when the hopper temperature lags behind and halts the process, keeping the system safe.
  • Raise an error when the mixer or block temperature could not be read. Previously, the temperature would be read as zero without any errors.
  • Add presets for PC and PEEK
  • Add support for interfaceboards with a different display module (M128 from EA).
  • Various internal improvements

Version 1.0.0

September 10th, 2020

Important notice: This firmware should not be used with the older hopper temperature sensor on ADV2/GDV2 machines, since that will likely overheat the material inside the hopper. Only use this firmware with ADV3 or newer machines, or ADV2/GDV2 machines with an upgraded temperature sensor.

  • Fix: The flakes and powder auto blower selection used the granulate settings in previous firmware versions instead of their own settings.
  • Add support for ADV3 machines.
  • Allow tweaking of the blower speed in the settings menu (17% - 35%).
  • Adjust mixer speed settings 10 - 15RPM.
  • 4 liter material is now selectable in the automatic blower selection window.
  • Powder has been removed from the automatic blower selection window due to insufficient testing. Drying powder-like material is therefore not recommended.
  • Do not reset the board on a fatal error. This prevents disconnecting the serial port and makes it easier to capture serial log output related to errors.
  • Show start up log output, even when the serial port is not opened within 5 seconds of machine power-on. This also makes start up 5 seconds faster when the serial port is not opened, because no start up delay is now used to help users log the start up output.
  • Adjusted heater control parameters to work with the new hopper temperature sensor. This new sensor is installed on ADV3 machines by default and can be retrofitted on ADV2 machines.
  • The maximum hopper temperature setpoint is now set to 150 degrees Celsius since the new temperature sensor is better able to measure the correct temperature.
  • Various internal improvements.

Version 1.0.0-beta1

September 8th, 2020

  • Support (just) the new Airid Mainboard v1.0.
  • Support (just) ADV2 machines.
  • Fix single button presses to be ocassionally registered as multiple presses.
  • Enable serial logging also when a CR is received (instead of just NL).
  • Adapt serial log column list to match new hardware.
  • Lots of internal improvements.

Version 0.1.1

January 29th, 2020

  • Remove decimals from the mixer RPM on the status screen. The motor will always fluctuate a bit and seeing that on the screen does not provide more information if so.
  • Relax the mixer motor start up behaviour check a little bit, to allow the machine to run with a full hopper even when more torque is required during a cold start up. This give the machine more time to warm up a little, which results in less necessary torque overall.

Version 0.1.0

January 29th, 2020

Initial release