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Charts: Create custom charts in DevoVision

Create, edit and customize charts to improve the data captured by DevoVision and review your Filament Maker log files.

Charts display the data captured by DevoVision configured to your liking. The charts can be simply re-arranged to have the preferred charts per sheet and workspace. However, if you're looking for specific tolerances, indicators or combined data to review, a custom chart can offer the solution.

Create new charts

  1. Navigate to the "Charts" tab in the main menu.
  2. Click "Create new"
  3. Adjust the properties of your chart on the right side, see details in the next chapter.
DevoVision-charts-create-new-1 DevoVision-new-chart-empty

Chart title

Choose a fitting title for your chart data.


Choose the maximum and minimum range of the Y-axis.

  • By default, the "min range" is "0", which means the data captured defines the minimum value.
  • When the "max range" is undefined, the Y-axis scales automatically with the maximum data value available.


Traces are the data DevoVision collects while logging.

  • Plot name. A suitable name for the data
  • Data point. This list contains all data DevoVision collects. An overview of data points can be found linked below
  • Color. Choose a color for your trace
  • Delete. Delete the selected trace
  • Add trace. To add the current data trace to the chart
  • New. After adding a trace, you may add additional traces to the same chart

Horizontal and vertical Rulers

The horizontal rules plot a line on a defined Y-height, to help visually identify the data quickly.

  • Text. Name of the ruler
  • Color. Choose a fitting color
  • Position. The height on the Y-axis
  • Delete. Remove the ruler
  • Add. Add the ruler

In this example:

  • the limit is set to 1.7mm, to check the filament diameter tolerances for 1.75mm filament production.
  • Another ruler can be set at 1.8mm, to check for filament tolerances.

Vertical rulers are created in the same way, to plot a line on the horizontal axis.


Example chart


In this example chart, all heater temperature data ("Temp 1, 2,3 and 4") is captured in 4 traces, plotted in the same chart.

Edit charts

If you wish to make changes to existing charts:

  1. Go to the "Charts" tab in the main menu
  2. Select the chart you wish to edit on the right side
  3. You may: Save the changes, save as new or delete the selected chart


We advice to always "Save as new" to ensure the default 3devo charts are not altered in a negative way.

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The "Settings" are used to change the privacy and network preferences for DevoVision.