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Log view: Load saved log files in DevoVision

Log files recorded with DevoVision contain a ton of information that is easy to review with the log view.

Previously recorded log files can be loaded to review and learn from previously achieved results.

Select "Log View" from the menu to get started.

Load a log file

Logs that have been saved to the computer or shared in any form of way, can be opened. Log files are shared as ".txt" files by default. Select "Open file from computer".



The default log location where your logs are saved, depends on the operating system you're using. The default locations are:

  • Windows: ~AppDataLocal3Devo
  • Linux: ~.local3Devo

Examine the log file

After a few seconds of loading, all historic data of the loaded log file is shown to examine the experiment.


Continue reading

The 'Workspaces' can be adjusted after loading the log file, to represent data in a fitting way for the examination.