The Filament Maker heater 1 (H1) takes more time to heat up

This article explains what the causes are that H1 doesn't heat up as quickly as the other heaters.

This is totally normal. There are several reasons for this :
  • H1 is not placed between 2 other heaters à it receives less conductive heat (until plastic starts to flow)
  • H1 is wrapped around a thicker metal part called the ‘die head’ à it takes more time to heat up a larger metal component
  • H1 also needs to heat up the knee and nozzle
  • The nozzle is in contact with the exterior
By default, that area of the Filament Maker should be well-insulated :
  • If you lift the top panel, you will see that the whole barrel and knee are wrapped in a thick layer of glass wool
  • (be careful, glass wool is extremely abrasive for your skin and eyes)
  • The magnetic plate should be positioned to cover the hole around the nozzle
  • During extrusion, the fans should be pointing downward (as much possible)