How to install DevoVision

DevoVision software to collect extrusion data for the Filament Maker, is free and easy to install.

DevoVision is available as a free software application from our website.
  1. Go to
  2. Select your operating system and click download. Provide your e-mail address to start downloading the Zip file.
    1. DevoVision-[version].exe
    2. Readme.txtAfter downloading, extract the .zip files. The folder should contain:
    3. NOTE: When using Windows 8, you are required to install additional drivers from the extracted .zip file. Please see the readme file for further details.
  3. To start the application, simply run the 'DevoVision-[version].exe', by double clicking it.
    1. NOTE: Depending on user configuration on your operating system, the application might inform you that you don't have permissions. Please open the No permissions? Right-click the icon in the system tray and click 'Open DevoVision'.
  4. Read the End-User agreement and click 'agree', if you want to use the program. The DevoVision App has now been installed and is ready for its first use.