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Logging data with DevoVision App

DevoVision is a way to display your Filament Maker data directly in a graph in real time, and then save the graphs for future analysis.

You have the option to customize your own graphs, and that will help you understand extrusion experiments, find better settings, and quality check your spools.

How to start using DevoVision App:

Step 1: Download DevoVision App here: https://3devo.com/devovision/download/

Step 2: Locate the downloaded file on your computer and double click to start the installation

Step 3: Install the program according the instructions on the prompt.

Step 4: Read the End-User agreement press "agree" if you want to use the program DevoVision App has now been installed and is ready for its first use


The DevoVision App has seven navigation tabs on the left side which are

  • Live view: At this page you can connect to a Filament Maker to start your log. It is possible to switch between workplaces to get a quick view of important parameters  
  • Log view: At this page you can load and delete saved logs. Logs that have been saved in the default location can be selected and deleted here. With "Select file from computer" you can select logs that have been saved somewhere else on the computer. 
  • Workspace: At this page you may add, delete or change your workspaces. Workspaces allow you to easily switch between your own custom graph presets  
  • Charts: At this page you may add new charts to use in your workspace. 
  • Settings: At this page you may change the settings of the program 
  • Provide feedback
  • Logout

Starting your first log

Step 1: Go to the "Live view" tab

Step 2: Turn on the power of the Filament Maker.

Step 3: Connect the Filament Maker with the USB cable to a computer

Step 4: Open the downloaded DevoVision App

Step 5: Select the Filament Maker and press connect. If you've plugged in a Filament Maker after this step then you can use the blue refresh button to detect this machine.

logging data with devovision 2

Step 6: Follow the instructions on the prompt. Note: The small button which is labelled "3Devo" is a workspace. An introduction to workspaces will be discussed later in this manual.

Step 7: Press "Start logging" Your log has now been started

Adding a new workspace

Step 1: Go to the "Workspace" tab

Step 2: Press the green “+ “ icon. This will add a new workspace called “new”

Step 3: Select the new workspace, enter a custom name and press update. This will update the new workspace with your chosen name. Your new workspace is now ready to use.

Adding and customizing charts

Step 1: Go to the "Charts" tab

Step 2: Press "add new" 

logging data with devovision 3logging data with devovision 4

Step 3: Name your new chart

Step 4: Modify "Axes" Your screen will look like this:  

logging data with devovision 5

Press the "yaxis" to modify this axis.

logging data with devovision 6 

Rename the title to give your Y-axis a name. Change the 'min range:' to add a minimal value for your Y-axis Change the 'max range:' to add a maximum value for your Y-axis If you leave these blank the graph will auto-adjust to scale to the minium and maximum range of the data. Press "Add right axis" to add a second Y-axis on the right side.

Step 5: Modify "Traces"  

logging data with devovision 7

You can rename the plot and give it a custom colour. Select a datapoint you'd like to plot. Press "Add Trace" to add a new trace

Step 6: Add horizontal or vertical rulers

logging data with devovision 8

You can rename the rulers and give them a custom colour. For the position you have to enter the X coordinates for the vertical ruler and the Y coordinates for the horizontal ruler.

Step 7: Press the green "Save as new" button on the bottom of the page. Your new chart has now been saved

Changing the program settings

There are 2 settings that you can modify:

  1. Enable anonymous data tracking
  2. Run application on public network

The first setting will allow 3devo to gather anonymous data statistics which will help us improve the app. The other option will let you acces the active DevoVision app though another computer on the same network. The red “restart” button will restart the application.

Default log location

Where your logs are saved, depends on the operating system you're using. The default locations are: Windows: ~AppDataLocal3Devo Linux: ~.local3Devo Mac: ~application3Devo