The Filament Maker extruder screw is NOT rotating

When the screw doesn't turn, no material gets pushed forward, resulting in no output generated. There are multiple reasons as to why the screw won't turn.

Important note!

Hardware issues can cause output issues; however, before you look into it, it's wise to make sure the problem is not caused by your selected settings, or the material(s) used.

1. Polymer doesn’t melt

Material not being fully molten can prevent the screw from turning. When the screw can't move, the motor current starts to increase until it reaches 9000mA. After this, the machine turns off. To ensure the material is fully molten, we prescribed a specific methodology to work with the filament maker. This methodology is described in the following article. 

2. Incompatible material remained in screw

If the filament maker has not been transitioned to a material not capable of staying inside the machine, this may cause the screw to stop moving. When a material gets left in the machine after extrusion, it will start to degrade because the temperature in the screw remains high for a long time. 

When an inappropriate material is left in the filament maker, it might completely paralyze the screw. The most common material that causes this issue is PEEK. The following article might help you unclog the barrel and let the screw spin.

3. Hardware issue

Other hardware issues can prevent the material from flowing. If your Filament Maker is still stuck by the end of this article, please contact support.