Input or output issues of the GP20 Shredder Hybrid

The most common GP20 Shredder Hybrid feeding issues are easily prevented by these minor adjustments and easy tips!

Input issues

The material parts are stuck in the hopper

It may occur that the hopper is not feeding the material into the Shredder as expected. This can happen due to multiple reasons:

  • The hopper belt is not able to carry the material into the machine
  • The conveyor belt does not have enough grip on the material
  • The fed material does not fit through the hopper aperture


The material parts are floating over the shredder knives

It may occur that the shape and form of parts fed into the system are not within machine specifications. This issue might occur due to the following reasons:

  • Parts fed into the machine are too big to be handled
  • Parts fed into the machine are too round
  • Parts fed into the machine are too light


  • Prepare the parts to feed into the hopper in the following ways:
    • Reduce the size of parts fed into the Hopper of the machine, by cutting them into smaller pieces.
    • Cut round parts into shapes with sharp edges that are easier to grab by the machine's shredder knives.
    • Ensure to not reduce part size too much or add heavier parts on top, to help the light parts move into the shredder knives.
  • Change the type of shredder knives to handle parts more efficiently.

Output issues

The output regrind material is contaminated. This can happen due to:

  • The GP20 Shredder Hybrid system was contaminated from a previous batch
  • The GP20 Shredder Hybrid was not cleaned properly after the previous batch


Contact support

Are you still experiencing input or output issues after performing the steps above?
Please contact support and we will assist you!