Extruder screw is rotating, but no output

When processing a material on the Filament it might occur that there is no output even though the screw is turning.

Important note!

Hardware issues can cause output issues; however, before you look into it, it’s wise to make sure the problem is not caused by your selected settings, or the material(s) used.

1. Feeding issues

Feeding issues could be the cause that no material is entering the barrel. It’s also possible to recognize feeding issues when reviewing the results from Devovison. When there is a feeding issue, the motor current is usually below 1500mA, compared to a standard extrusion above 2000mA.

The result of feeding issues is that no/limited material will leave the nozzle. We discuss this issue and solution further in the following article.

2. Melt plug

Another issue that could prevent material from entering the screw is a melt plug. A melt plug can be recognized when large clumps of polymer are in the hopper. The polymer melts together when the heat in the hopper is too high, resulting in the polymer melting. Melt plugs prevent the material from entering the screw resulting in no output. The heat that causes the material to melt is generated by Heater 4.

When a melt plug causes output issues, it is important to reduce the temperature of Heater 4. Increasing the temperature of Heater 4 will decrease the temperature at the start of the screw, allowing the polymer not to melt too early and resulting in an output of material.

3. Clog in nozzle

When the nozzle is fully clogged, the polymer cannot leave the filament maker. When the nozzle is blocked, the motor current will start rising to 9000 mA. After this, the Filament maker will turn off. A partial nozzle clog can be recognized by looking at the motor current. When the current is higher than usual (>3000), it might indicate that the nozzle is partially clogged. A partial nozzle clog can limit the flow and might cause a full nozzle clog.

Fortunately, changing the nozzle is a simple process that is explained in this article:

4. Hardware issue

A hardware issue might also be the cause that there is no output.  When the possible fixes explained in the previous chapter do not solve the issue you can send an email to service@3devo.com